Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Upcoming book release...Graye Moon

The Awakening of Graye Moon...

Warwick Valley High School junior, Graye Moon, strolled innocently through the hallways at school in the shadows of her older sister, Sylver, and had never been interested in dating. Her parents strictly enforced their no dating before eighteen rule discouraging her from seeking more than friendships. Graye was focused on hanging with her best friends, doing her homework, playing sports, and staying away from the pranks her sisters Sylver and Blu conjured up.

Out of nowhere a mesmerizing glimpse of her best friend, Mackenzie, sends a jolt of confusion and distraction dancing down her spine. Arriving out of nowhere, these feelings ignite anger and fear in Graye. Thoughts of Mackenzie begin invading every aspect of her life contradicting what she always assumed it would be. Noticing the changes in her behavior her sisters try bullying her into confessing the source of her distraction.

When Graye Moon’s body and ultimately her soul awaken, it changes every aspect of her normally uneventful quite life and her lifelong friendship with Mackenzie. Sent down a road she never expected to travel Graye fears she’ll come out on the losing end. Will Graye’s inability to ignore her feelings result in the loss of her best friend? Will she acquire peace as her life slightly changes course? Even if she doesn’t want to know Graye will soon find out the answers.

(C) 2012 by Stacey Pierce

Saturday, July 14, 2012

One of my readers...

My sister has been quite supportive and has been helping me spread the word about my novel BrookLyn's Journey. As she passed the security booth at her job in Long Beach, California she noticed someone reading my book. This is so amazing to me!

In My Own Words...

Recently there have been so many phenomenal changes in my life. I attribute them to my faith. I went through something a few years back and came out so much stronger. In the midst of it I didn’t think I’d even survive without breaking first. I bent, bobbed, and weaved as much as I could. I didn’t want to be in the moment and thought it would never go away. After fervent prayer, it did. Now despite the pain it caused, I thank God daily for that moment in my life. I KNOW I wouldn’t be in this moment of my life if it hadn’t happened. I also KNOW that I wouldn’t appreciate my blessings as much as I do now.  This to me is VICTORY!

I now do my best to smile in the midst of the things I experience because of what I went through. Life is better because I am better. I thank God for so many things in my life and never thought I’d thank Him for one of the darkest moments in my life. As I stand here watching my dreams come to life, I can’t help but say, “Thank you God for changing who I was and creating who I am. I love this life, and will do all that I can to live each and every day to it’s fullest.” I strive to live my dreams while encouraging others to do the same. There’s a song I love called, “ Learning To Be The Light.” It starts with:
When the stars came crashing down
In tiny pieces to the ground
I was all alone down here
Trapped beneath the atmosphere
Then I thought somebody called my name
I spun around and caught a flame
I gave into a God I didn't know
And now everything is falling into place
A brand new life is calling and I owe it all to grace

It’s that simple. I knew God but it wasn’t until I went through this time that I came out with a new understanding of Him. What I learned is that when you are covered in darkness, you shouldn’t turn your back on the lesson. If you don’t pray, start. If you need to cry, cry. And be open to change. Sometimes, even when we know we need to get out of something we don’t. Life, or as I see it, God, has a way of making us move away from something we no longer need.  Whatever it is you believe in use it to fight harder to get through the pain. Don’t give up!

We have to make effort not to ignore the signs of the good that comes out of the bad. When you open your life up to blind faith, blessings come at you from every direction. It’s overwhelming at first but it turns into sheer joy.

This wasn’t about my publishing journey but in essence is sort of was…thanks!