Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LGBT Homeless Youth...

I have been writing diligently and preparing for the release of my next book, The Awakening of Graye Moon. I am so excited about this journey I am on. My mind is full of so many ideas for the next book and the ones after that. When I first started this journey a few years back I wanted to donate a portion of the proceeds from my sales to help LGBT youth. Since becoming aware of the alarming number of LGBT youth that are homeless, the social worker in me emerged. I have selected two programs to donate 10% of my proceeds to. I have selected the Time Out Youth Program in Charlotte, NC and The Ali Forney Center in New York City.

No one should be homeless in a country with such great wealth. No child should ever have to sleep on a park bench or cardboard box for any reason. It sickens me that some parents are unable to love their children unconditionally. And because of that they end up living on the streets. Identifying as lesbian, gay, transgender, or bisexual is just one part of an individual's life. That admission, in my opinion, means as much as me saying "I'm a social worker." It's one small component that makes up a whole person. To not be able to continue loving a child you loved five minutes before they "came out" is incomprehensible to me.

My goal is to write books that inspire and encourage my readers. I want them to love themselves enough to stand even when others have taken their love away. I don't want them to be broken. I want my words to breathe new life into them. I just want to show them that they matter and that things truly do get better. To know that every night that I sleep in my comfortable bed, there is a child sleeping on a bench just doesn't sit well with me. That's why this decision was made. I will do more too. If anyone thinks it doesn't take a village, they are sadly mistaken.

Below is the video that grabbed my heart and won't let it go. And for that, I'm glad.