Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holiday Season... Don't stop believing!

Any one who has been around me most of my life knows that I LOVE gifts. I usually celebrate my birthday the entire month and maybe even a few days after. The older I get the more excited I’ve become about Christmas. Any given year, I could be seen dancing when I opened my gifts on Christmas morning. This year has been entirely different.  

We moved in August from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. It was something I had always wanted to do. However, it wasn’t until God provided us an opportunity that we were able to cease the moment. Despite how corny it may sound, everyday since then has become more than I could ever receive on my birthday and under the tree on Christmas. What did I ask for this year on my birthday? Nothing. What did I ask for this year for Christmas? Nothing.
Does that mean I’m above accepting gifts? NO! I’m always ready for a gift but for the first time I feel like I have everything that I need. We haven’t been here for long but the change has been good for us. It’s been amazing for our spirit. We both are so happy to be here that we embrace each day more fully than the last.  Some of what we’ve been blessed with I haven’t shared publically. I don’t like when people brag so I don’t want to come off that way. What I will say is God has surely been smiling on us.

If you’re tired of me talking about this move, I guess you should stop reading my blog for a while. LOL! I can’t apologize for my happiness and this move is a great part of it. So, I can’t help but talk and write about it. I was happy before we moved here but this new chapter in our lives is something short of amazing!

I hope everyone has a blessed holiday season and is ready to have a wonderful 2012. Find something that keeps you motivated, and inspired. You can find it in small things as easily as you can in big things. You might not need a new address or career, but find whatever “it” is that will inspire your tomorrow to be even more fabulous than today! Love life and live fully.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Minister Steve - ON TIME GOD - - Download Underground House and Electronic Music in WAV and MP3 format

Minister Steve just released a Gospel House EP on Traxsource. I hope that it blesses you during this holiday season and thereafter. He's working on many things at the close of this year and making sure that he continues to work hard to spread the word of God through both his actions and through song. This EP has a different sound but offers the same blessing. It's a reflection of his versatility and confidence.

With a new year rolling in make sure you begin setting goals for your life and work to achieve them. If you only completed some goals this year, then add them to your new list for 2012. Sometimes things come at God's pace and not ours. As a result, we decide to quit rather than continue our efforts. We have to remain steadfast. We must keep the faith, remain diligent, and watch favor abound. I pray that your holiday season and 2012 are wonderfully blessed!

Thank you for your continuous and consistent support!! Click the link below to buy Minister Steve's entire EP or one of the singles. Thanks!

Minister Steve - ON TIME GOD - - Download Underground House and Electronic Music in WAV and MP3 format

Friday, December 9, 2011

Almost the end of the year...

I can't believe that it's almost 2012. So many changes have occurred and I welcome all of them. 2011 has been a wonderful year and I know that 2012 is going to be even better. I am so excited to see the things that I know are waiting for me. I am ready to embrace it all.

I am still writing diligently but due to a few things I've modified some of the goals on my list. I set goals for being published in 2011 but that will not happen until next year. I am not disappointed because I know it will happen when God says so. All I want to do is write and I'm doing that as much as I can. I will be ready when it happens because the manuscripts are complete. I love also that ideas are still flowing for new stories. I can't write fast enough. LOL! Moving to NC was my focus this year and it has been the best move for us. Each day that I wake up in NC I am reminded of how once you set goals for your life, they do happen. It took some time and life changes for us to get here, but we made it. Ain't God good?

I am still working with Minister Steve as he completes his album, "Acoustically Anointed," which will be released on our label, Soulful Soundz Music Group, LLC early next year. His voice blends with the amazing music ability of Martin Dominguez Ball. The marriage of the two (his voice and Martin's musical composition) is insanely magical. We'll be releasing another single, "I Surrender All," soon. We have also established some great connections to help us get his music ministry to the next level. Minister Steve will be working on his sophomore project and it will be a blessing to your spirit, as his first one will be.

I am still doing book reviews so contact me if you'd like to discuss your need for a review. I'll review most genre including those I don't generally read.  However, I don't read anything that promotes any of the  isms... racism, antisemitism, etc. I do reviews on e-books and traditional books. I look forward to hearing from authors.

Again I say that I'm truly amazed that 2011 went by so quickly. However, I'm standing tall waiting to see the blessings that are going to rain down during 2012. "When you believe you shall receive..." These are the words I now live by. Until next time my friends... SHINE!!