Sunday, September 5, 2010

I promised God I'd stand...

I haven't done any posts for a few weeks. The biggest reason being that I haven't had any books to discuss. I've been collaborating on a few projects. Minister Steve and I are working hard to take his music ministry to another level. In addition, I was assisting someone with their bio and have a few things pending with this person. However, I'm not sure where we stand with that. I'm eagerly working with a friend on another project that I can't wait to complete. Its going to be great! Lyrics flow through my head daily so I'm writing songs too. I only need that one song to receive my Grammy. Yes, I already claimed it. I'm far from conceited. I'm faithful and speaking my desires into existence.

My interview was aired on last Sunday morning. It was both exciting and embarrassing for me. I've never been interviewed before. I like working behind the scene but God wanted me up front. He didn't want me to be a backup singer on this. So, I didn't pass up the opportunity. I took a deep breath and did my best. I thank Franyora Clophus for the amazing opportunity and wish her continued success with her Sunday morning Gospel show.

I'm truly grateful for the way things have transpired. Some things are falling into place and some have not changed. At times I may be doubtful but because I have faith, I know it will all come to fruition. I have stumbled and one some days tears have even formed. I don't let any tears fall because God has my back. I am who I am because of the journey my life has taken. There were moments when life knocked me down and I thought I'd never get back up. Once I stood, I promised God I'd never fall again. I haven't. I also promised Him that I cried my last tears for things I knew He'd bring me out of. Today I cry in the midst of my triumphs not for fear I won't get through things.

I always knew of God's promises so I asked for His help. With every fiber of my being I believed and He provided. Life comes with a lot challenges but as long as I stay pressed toward the mark things will be as I've envisioned. If things are getting a little heavy for you, ask God to help. Believe it in your heart and He will bring you through it. I am not telling you what I heard I am telling you what I know...

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