Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fast paced thriller!!

This is a page turning fiction novel that leaves you wondering, “Could I do that?” Life keeps us all very busy and at times it seems that bad things only happen to good people over and over again at the hands of the dredges of our society. There are times when people become frustrated with their life and it becomes evident in an outrageous act that affects others—work or school shootings, or other violent unexplainable acts where people just snap. This book reminds me of how fragile the heart and mind is.

Benjamin Cole rides the bus daily and has “bus friends.” He knows their first names but that is the extent of him truly knowing them. Despite that, there is a bond between all of the daily riders. Commuters establish a relationship with the other commuters. It may not extend beyond the train car, bus or the commuter parking lot but it is there nonetheless. Benjamin Cole is a good guy who looks out for his fellow man but when his world in the fast pace city is disrupted by one act where a “bus friend” dies, that all changes. Life as he knew it no longer exists. What evolves from this one experience affects the next moments of his life.

The life changing event takes place in the very first pages snatching your attention and never letting it go making it impossible to put down. Readers will be eager to find out what happens next on Benjamin’s journey but as soon as you think one thing may happen, there is another twist. To see the heart, mind and soul of a humble man evolve into those he hates is an amazing feat that Mr. Dickerson portrays with ease.

The author suggests that the reader makes this book come alive when in fact it is his amazing talent that brings the story to life. We all have felt like Benjamin Cole at least once in our lives and may or may not have acted upon it. This book allows us to open our eyes, heart, soul and mind to the world that we live in and takes us through a range of emotions—anger, joy, excitement, pain, fear—without ever leaving our chairs. Well done Mr. Dickerson. I am glad you found your voice and look forward to listening to it again… bravo!

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