Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Great book for teenage girls!

The Attitude Girl
Mila Bernadkin
Publisher: Five Star Publications, Inc.
Published: 2009
Pages: 323

When we are introduced to the main character in the book, Vicky, we clearly understand the reason for the book’s title, “ The Attitude Girl.” Vicky, like a number of seventeen-year-olds, is self absorbed, too outspoken, a know it all and selfish. She becomes hot and cold as different experiences occur in her life forcing her to unwillingly look in the mirror catching a true glimpse of who she really is. Along with Vicky and her friends I experienced a range of emotions—happiness, sadness, anxiety-- and found myself at some points laughing out loud. Armed with her attitude Vicky goes through her senior year dealing with various issues but works hard to land on her feet as she enters into adulthood.

Vicky is intelligent but her quick wit is sometimes offensive. When her calm life becomes rocked by different obstacles it becomes evident how dangerous her tongue can be. Vicky attempts to control her harsh tongue but is unable to do so when her temper takes over. Vicky’s journey includes various life experiences—death, sex, pregnancy, drinking, abandonment, and family illness. It was enjoyable to see her growth through each experience.

Ms. Bernadkin clearly captures what it means to be a seventeen-year-old through the voices of Vicky and her friends. This coming of age tale is poignant and could be used as a learning tool for the “mean kids” and for those who suffer at their hands or words. This story is realistic, meaningful and quite powerful. I highly recommend this book for young girls but also for those who raise or educate them. Although it’s told in the voice of a teen it can be clearly understood and appreciated by adults giving the reader a better understanding of this sometimes tumultuous stage of life.

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