Monday, November 15, 2010

She's Got Issues Book Review...

She's Got Issues is the perfect title for a chick lit book. What man hasn't said that a woman has issues? We are just misunderstood sometimes, I guess. I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy chick lit books. It is a witty, laugh out loud book that will have you yearning for more or encourage a shoe fetish.

The story is of young Chloe Rose who owns a shoe obsession. Chloe is a little naive and at times, talks to her shoes. As a child, she would play with her shoes instead of her dolls. Chloe works at Issues Magazine as an assistant to the assistant. Lost in her own world Chloe fails to see the jealousy that her boss, Ruth, has for her ideas. Ruth gives Chloe mundane tasks to complete so that she can steal her ideas. Ruth tries to convince management that the ideas are her original ideas and knowing some of the tricks has played, Chloe supports her boss.

Chloe narrates the book which keeps you laughing because she is a bit "weird." She's a smart girl but she perceives the world a little differently than others. She will impress you with her telegraphic memory but also leaves one in awe when she spews out things that make her appear clueless. Chloe is triumphant in all her endeavors despite the challenges she manages to face. Ruth would like to fire Chloe but her ideas makes Ruth look too good. Chloe accepts the abuse from Ruth because it gives her access to the shoe closet.

Women have had issues for years when it comes to workplace competition. This doesn't mean that men don't but women's struggles are a little different and this book reflects some of them. This book was hard to put down as the craziness at the Issues Magazine office unfolded. Despite how naive Chloe is and how annoying that may be, it works for this book. The reader learns to like Chloe even if they try not to. The reader will be charmed when they least expect it. The lack of brains and self-awareness help Chloe tell Ruth to stick it in her own way.

This book is a must read, but remember you will laugh out loud so read it with caution in public places...

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