Sunday, November 14, 2010

Don't lose sight of your dreams!

I am feeling some kind of way today. I am not sure what to call it. I woke up refreshed after a long day working on Minister Steve's demo. I had a short work week but it was longer than others I've had recently. I think what I am feeling is being ready for something different. I love being a social worker but I think my mind and heart are pulling me in a different direction.

This music thing has been a part of me for many years. I remember wanting to do something with it along with my sisters when I was a teen. They didn't want to sing professionally and I didn't think I couldn't do it without them. So, I turned up the volume on my radio listening to other artists as their dreams of flowing over the airwaves came true. Secretly, my dreams were still there I just no longer shared them with others. I wrote poems, short stories and lyrics on scraps of papers, napkins and notebooks. I filed them away for safe keeping never to look at them again.

As an adult, I continued to write, write, write and only shared some of my work through poems that I gave to others. At this time in my life, my dreams are overpowering my thoughts forcing me to pay attention to them. Life experiences, both personally and vicariously, have brought them out of their hiding place. To see friends and family go through health related issues or other challenges in their lives has reinforced for me just how fragile life is. While writing quietly and trying to be a successful social worker, I may have not noticed some doors that were opened wide for me. As I am focusing on my dreams and changing my present situation, I've learned to enter those doors that my heart leads me to. I no longer have doubts about my future success as a songwriter, producer and manager. If I don't step out on faith I will accept a life (or career) that is no longer my desire.

I am satisfied completely with my personal life. God has blessed me beyond measure to be with someone who loves, trusts, supports and encourages me. Now I need to be as equally as satisfied professionally. I know that when you talk about it you are speaking it into existence. So, "I will be successful in this journey to complete, publish and share my literary works and song lyrics. I see it already but I just need and want to feel it!" I said it, God said it and it shall be done...

Success is there for the taking but you can't lose sight of your dreams. Tell God what you want and He shall provide. All doors God opens may not be for you but you have to run through the ones that are with your dreams in hand!

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