Sunday, October 31, 2010

Anoxic Zone by John G. Rees... five stars!!

This horror story grabs the reader from the very first page never letting them go. I don't read a lot of horror or vampire stories but I have read some. Although this book is not as long as the others I've read it is as equally as powerful and thought-provoking as the 500 plus page books. This book is a riveting, fast paced page turner leaving the reader yearning for more. As the reader turns the page the anxiety increases because you can't read the story fast enough.

From page one you are thrust on a journey along with two service personnel, Johnny and Jake, who work for Megacorp. Megacorp operates with its own laws and doesn't care who is in the way as they enforce their laws. The people of Megacorp are arrogant, narcissistic individuals who walk hand and hand with the evilness they spew. The job of the service personnel is to maintain the infrastructure of this culture at the end of the industrial age. The journey extends from Hawaii to Romania as Johnny and Jake have come across the evil that created their kind. The innocuous journey forces them to accept who they have become while forcing them to attempt to keep the evil from Megacorp.

This book is for those readers who love getting lost in a deep, dark vampire book. It isn't like most of the other vampire books giving the genre a new twist. Each character and event is vivid drawing you in at every scene. This story is a reflection of what the future may hold for Megacorp. The reader is thrust into a world of unknown and turns each page rapidly trying to read what the outcome shall be. I recommend this book to readers looking to delve into a vampire book like no other. Straying away from the basic vampire love story, Mr. Rees, opens our eyes to what could be...

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