Sunday, October 31, 2010

What do you know about favor?

What do you know about God's favor? I know what His favor has done for me. If it wasn't for His favor, I know where I'd be. That place wouldn't even be close to where I am now. That's why each day, all day, I thank God for His favor. He moved mountains for me and showed me the gifts I forgot I had. I am beyond thankful for His favor which has allowed me to stand tall in every situation embracing my victory before it even occurs.

Some folks walk around with arrogance spewing out their pores. They act as if they've become successful solely through their efforts with no amount of God's grace falling on them. Of course, we have to be steadfast and diligent as we work toward our goals and dreams. But one must recognize that it is God's favor that has allowed us to be. Whether our dreams and goals are met or not, God's favor has allowed us to accomplish even basic things. I woke up this morning, that's favor. I have my health and strength, that's favor. I have an abundance of love and encouragement in my life. That's favor. Favor isn't always fair, some folks say, but favor is favor to me. I embrace God's favor in all that comes my way...

I have stood and sometimes crawled through a few storms. Not having the strength and courage to stand, I almost faltered. I bent as far as I could embroiled in battles I wasn't sure I'd survive. With my eye towards the sky I prayed for help through each storm. The more I survived, the more I believed. As my faith increased so did my strength. To me... that's favor!

I stand today not worrying about things that don't matter in my life. I have reached deep within and found strength to make it through anything. I am not perfect and sometimes I do react stronger than I should. My imperfections make me human and I know I'm a work in progress and growth continues daily. I know also that I have come a very long way from where I stood twenty or even five years ago. Politics mean absolutely nothing to me. Worrying about what other folks do or say, means nothing to me. I am all about living this life God has given me to live. That's favor!

So... as you stroll through this life, climbing up this ladder of success, don't forget God's favor. It is your responsibility to use your gifts to succeed but one must look over their shoulder helping others along the way. God's favor was given to you and has guided your spirit to the place where you now stand. Don't forget where you came from as you stand tall looking out at the things you've accomplished. God's favor ain't fair but God's favor is good...

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