Saturday, October 16, 2010

Musings by Treasure Gibson...

Musings by Treasure Gibson is a collection of thoughts, musings, moods and feelings the author has experienced. I enjoy reading things that I can relate to and this was one of those reads. The poems are about love, strength, power, heroism, vices, and deception mixed with wit, humor and pictures introducing a new idea. The pictures add to the images already formed in each reader's mind by the words the author writes. The pictures bring the words alive!

One of my favorites is, "Who the Hell is 'She'?" This embodies exactly who every woman is to everyone they interact with. A woman is everything to everyone at all times. A woman spends her day catering to the needs of everyone neglecting her own needs and desires. The list of a woman's needs are written below the needs of her family, boss, neighbors and friends. The author describes everything that a woman is forgetting to mention "tired!" Tired, in my opinion, is exactly what most of us are.

The ideas this author shares are vivid and I would love to read them in greeting cards. This book was well done and quite enjoyable. I anticipate the release of this book and hopefully the author will write another one. This book is a great holiday, birthday or "just because" gift and should be laying out in your home on the table for your guests to read.


  1. That was a lovely review of Musings! I'm glad others are able to relate to and find the irony and humour in my poems!

  2. The words dances through the pictures and takes us deep into the author's thoughts. The book is pretty much alive!..
    Can't wait for some more ...

  3. I praise and thank dear Jesus for His love which has taken you beyond fear, and transformed your halting pace into a flight to the stars. You are meant to fly, not just float - Wishing you still greater success in all your future endeavors - Bless You!