Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pond Punkies Book Two by Lisa Riebe

I had the pleasure of reviewing another book written by Lisa Riebe. This book is a science fiction book for ages 7-10. If you have a young reader interested in this genre this is definitely worth picking up for them. It's a series with book three on the way. 

Book two “The Unearthing,” picks back up at the same pace of book one and never slows down. The end of the story will increase the reader’s excitement about the third book. The story draws you in from the very beginning when Blaze is faced with dreams involving his sister. The dreams are vivid and he feels she is at risk. He faces the task of finding his sister. No one suggests he goes but he knows that he should. His father is against him leaving to search for her, but Blaze and his best friend, Ace set out on another adventure. It isn’t bad enough that they just saved Earth from destruction now they have to go and rescue more people.

Blaze sets out to look for his sister and continue his efforts to save those being bullied by the Tritonans. While out on this journey, his friends find out that there is a plot to destroy another plant far from Earth.  Along the journey to find his sister, Blaze and his friend Ace come across Tadd. I like how the characters show empathy and kindness to Tadd while also helping build his self-esteem. Through this friendship and their quest to protect the others, basic character building skills are reflected. There are sprinkles of happiness, kindness and love throughout the book. It’s as subtle as sneaking vegetables in a finicky child’s food. As your young reader gets lost in this fast paced science fiction read they learn about the power of friendship and kindness.

It's a great addition to the classroom and home libraries. It's a fun book.

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