Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet my newest character...Graye Moon.

BrookLyn’s Journey was free for three days. It climbed to #1 in its genre under free books on Amazon. That didn’t happen because of me. It happened because of YOU. I penned the story but without your support, it would have gone unnoticed in the Amazon bookstore. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for being kind enough to pause despite how busy their lives are and support my dreams.  It means the world to me.
While thanking you for embracing BrookLyn’s Journey I wanted to introduce you to my newest character Graye Moon. Here’s the blurb…

Warwick Valley High School junior, Graye Moon, strolled innocently through the hallways at school in the shadows of her older sister, Sylver, and had never been interested in dating. Her parents strictly enforced their no dating before eighteen rule discouraging her from seeking more than friendships. Graye was focused on hanging with her best friends, doing her homework, playing sports, and staying away from the pranks her sisters Sylver and Blu conjured up.

Out of nowhere a mesmerizing glimpse of her best friend, Mackenzie, sends a jolt of confusion and distraction dancing down her spine. The abrupt arrival of her feelings ignite anger and fear in Graye. Thoughts of Mackenzie begin invading every aspect of her life contradicting what she always assumed it would be. Noticing the changes in her behavior her sisters try bullying her into confessing the source of her distraction.

When Graye Moon’s body and ultimately her soul awaken, it changes every aspect of her normally uneventful quite life and her lifelong friendship with Mackenzie. Sent down a road she never expected to travel Graye fears she’ll come out on the losing end. Will Graye’s inability to ignore her feelings result in the loss of her best friend? Will she acquire peace as her life slightly changes course? Even if she doesn’t want to Graye will soon find out.

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