Thursday, August 9, 2012

My first author interview...

Along my publishing journey I have come across a number of people via the internet or in person. Some have been incredibly helpful while others have made snide comments and refuse to assist new authors. I am grateful that I have not come across many that have been rude and would only help for a fee. I personally think our success, no matter what we desire, comes only when we pay it forward. There are enough readers that we can all be successful.

I wanted to thank everyone who has been instrumental along the way. There are too many people to name. However, you know who you are. I recently met Brandon Shire, online of course. He's a successful author. I asked him a few questions and he was extremely helpful. He didn't hesitate when my questions came his way. He went further to interview me for my book, BrookLyn's Journey. The link for the interview is below. Please go to Amazon or on his blog and buy his books. He's a very talented author. Thanks Brandon Shire!

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  1. You're VERY welcome. Our voice together cannot be extinguished. #LGBTQ