Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Five stars for this amazing, fast-paced thriller...

Charity Becker

Publisher: Blysster Press

Published: 2009

ISBN: 978082681800

Pages: 292

From the very first page the reader is thrust into the dark yet compelling world of the main character, Mina Jewel. While the reader is supposed to be scared the main issue in the story takes more of your attention--child abuse--lessening your fear. The story begins with Mina Jewel believing that she saw something that authorities have determined she didn't see. Within the depths of her soul she is convinced that she saw the boogeyman murder her abusive stepfather. After spending nine years in a psychiatric facility, her fear, anxiety and pain prevent her from even believing herself. Yet as a reflection of the resiliency children own, once released from the facility she becomes empowered through various experiences and near-death events. As each event occurs attacking the small amount of sanity that remains she becomes stronger.

I found myself cheering Mina on hoping that she would become empowered as she searched for herself amidst the pain she had become accustomed to feeling. Like many people who are abused, she felt that she didn't deserve better even when it made her feel safe and warm. Mina expected the worst as she had always been told she deserved. When the story ends, the reader may not look at the boogeyman as the "scary guy" as they witness his true self evolve throughout the story.

As you become aware of who you think each character really is the author reveals more information modifying your initial perception. Charity Becker is an amazing storyteller and created a vivid, riveting page turning thriller. She uses supernatural powers while focusing on such a human theme. Many children thrust in the throes of abuse secretly wish for power to excel from such madness. Through the life of Mina Jewel, they do. I highly recommend this book and encourage readers to let the hair down and get lost in this magnificent story about a little girl lost. Yes, she finds her way and this story will encourage others to do the same.

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