Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Inspiring poetry...

Angel's Destiny
Author/publisher: April Martin Chartrand
Published: 2009
ISBN: 9780615302515
Pages: 150

This book is a collection of poems, prose and illustrations. It is a clear reflection of the author’s journey through domestic violence. Ms. Chartrand suffered domestic violence but came out standing tall. She is not living her life as a victim and has told her story through poems to encourage others who may be experiencing painful events similar to hers.

The poems tell the story of someone in the midst of a struggle but it also shows one’s journey from extreme fear and darkness to freedom and self-love. When experiencing abuse, one struggles as they experience a range of emotions—fear, anger, self-hate, sadness. The poems delve deep into the inner soul as does the abuse. Domestic violence breaks down the individual and their soul, resulting sometimes in self-hate. In this book we see where the author’s journey begins as well as the moment self-love emerges as she pulls herself out of the torturous experience. The emergence of self-love allows her to break free from the violence and become an ambassador to those whose voices have become silenced from fear and abuse. She has become an inspiration to all.

The writer’s courage is witnessed throughout as each poem and picture emerges. Ms. Chartrand has turned her experiences into something positive and her voice without fear can be heard clearly. I highly recommend this book to anyone searching for their voice and strength. Ms. Chartrand’s art and poetry speak to the heart and it will provide the extra “push” readers may need to take the first step toward self-love and freedom.

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