Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Fruit of the Dendragon Tree... great fantasy read!!

I don't generally read fantasy fiction but I'm so glad that I took a leap of faith with The Fruit of the Dendragon Tree. It was extremely worth it. This book grabbed my attention as I immediately became lost in a world of mythical creatures--witches, werewolves, vampires, elves and a dragon. Each character more vivid than the next. Each scene as if I stood in it myself. The faces of the characters as clear as someone standing next to me. The heat of the dragon's breath filled the room with each page I turned. Every battle felt as if I was there as I experienced sadness, hope, fear and anxiety along with the characters. I was afraid to put the book down because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. There were so many twists and turns that left me guessing I read fervently to the end.

Jake Patel's mother was dying of cancer. He is angry but hopeful. His dad has pretty much accepted the fact that his precious wife is going to die. Like we all do at least once in life, Jake makes a bargain with the universe to spare his mother's life regardless of who has to die in her place. Jake refuses to lose hope as he thinks his father has. Jake's classmate, Jenny, is an untrained witch who comes to his aid in his efforts to save his mother's life. As a result of her help, Jake's transported to Tiramonde which is a world he isn't familiar with or even expected to see.

Upon his arrival to Tiramonde, he is guided by a young witch, Ureth, who informs him that the only thing to save his mother's life is for him to grab fruit from the dendragon tree. The only problem is that the legend says removing the fruit will release the dragon, Kildraig, who protects the tree. Easy, huh?

David, Jake's father, wakes up to find Jake is gone. He leaves is ailing wife to search for him with the help of Jake's friend, Jenny. However, he ends up being transported to Tiramonde as well. He doesn't immediately find Jake. He has to venture on a dangerous journey to meet his son. However, Jake is then faced with the task of deciding which of his two parents will survive.

What I liked about this story is that it focuses on something we are afraid to discuss--death and loss. Jake never loses hope and does what every child wishes they could do when dealing with a sick parent. When you truly love someone whether its a child, parent or partner, we suggest we will go to the end of the earth for them and that's exactly what Jake did for his mother and his father for him. Cancer kills many people and this book is a great read for those dealing with that issue or have done so previously. Love does conquer all and Jake's experience is a clear reflection of such. He never loses hope!

This story is colorful and exciting. There is definitely a need for a sequel. The basic principles of love, honesty, and truth meet vengeance, power and dishonesty as the two worlds collide. The ending will completely surprise you. The lengths that Jake and David go will make the reader question how far they'd actually go to save the life of a loved one. Me, I would fight until the end for those I love unless of course its a dragon I have to go up against. What about you?

Well done, Mr. Deepan, and thank you for donating partial proceeds from your book to Breast Cancer Research...

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