Thursday, July 8, 2010

Interesting Christian Paranormal Read... 5 Stars!!

Rabbit:Chasing:Beth Rider
Ellen C. Maze
Publisher: Outskirts Press

I’ve often wondered what makes vampires so intriguing to humans. Is it the sheer mystery of it all or the sensual way they are portrayed in books and movies? I wish I knew the answer because I’ve never been drawn to them as others have. It makes me wonder if I am missing something. I read one of the Stephanie Meyers’ books because I wanted to see what all of the hype was about. Although I thought the one story I read was a good book, I had no desire to see the movies that were written from the books. However, I read Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider and definitely want to see it on the screen. The author opened my eyes to a unique and interesting new world leaving me thirsting for more as I read the last page.

This book caught and held my attention from start to finish. It was well written and Ms. Maze’s amazing story telling ability flowed off each page. The story is engaging and the reader is thrust into a world with best selling author, Beth Rider and vampires living off of human donors. Beth Rider wrote a series about the Rakum and how a group of them found Christ. This goes against what the majority of the Rakum believe and her mere words enraged some of them.

Beth Rider is going through life living her dreams. She is writing and has become a best-selling author with her book series about the Rakum. She is at the top of her game unaware of the effect her words are having on her readers. Specifically one reader, who is a Rakum or vampire, becomes quite angered by her book and changes her life forever. He feels that her words are a threat to his kind and wants her to die. As a result of his anger, he meets Ms. Rider and informs her of how he feels. He goes further to make her a Rabbit by marking her with his blood. Being marked with the blood of an elder makes you prey for other vampires sometimes resulting in suicides of the Rabbits. The life of a Rabbit is stressful and they end up taking their lives.

It is then that Beth Rider's peaceful life turns into one where she is in immediate danger. She has become prey for all vampires who smell her scent and become intrigued by her mere presence. Her life has changed and she is clueless why it has happened. The question then becomes… will Beth survive?

After becoming a rabbit, a simple stroll through an airport brings Beth to the attention of a Rakum. He becomes attracted to her because of her beauty. He also becomes interested in knowing why she has been marked. He feels that no creature as beautiful as she could do anyone harm. He doesn’t feel she should be placed in such a horrendous position. He becomes lost in her beauty and is drawn in to protecting her from his brethren.

The characters in this book are solid and each scene is more vivid than the next. The story comes with moral twists and turns, romance and Christianity. The book shows characters embracing religion, which readers don’t usually see in vampire books. It is an interesting take on things. Ms. Maze is extremely talented and I highly recommend this fantasy novel with a new twist to vampire love. Is love the answer to why we are drawn to vampire stories? That’s something to think about. What do you think?


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