Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday morning blues...

I'm dragging this morning. Exhausted knowing that I went to bed early enough. I had a busy weekend because it was Jen's birthday. I did get some rest though. It makes me wonder if I've just had enough of the same stuff at work. I enjoy the job but it isn't what I want any more for my future. Could that be the exhaustion that I feel? Possibly.

When your heart no longer accompanies you to work that's a problem. I love the idea of being a social worker and all that comes with it. I just think I've finished this course in my life. I will always help people but the angle I come from will be different. I need to get back in tune with my writing and put all of these ideas on paper. And the ideas on paper I need to finally share. I need to step my game up and fight through the exhaustion that accompanies a long commute.

If I want change I have to bring change to my situation. It can be done. I've seen others make that change. I want to feel what it's like to "love" what I do again. I will work as a social worker until God gives me an opportunity to do different. I see it. I know it. I just need to finish preparing for it. I can't miss out on what God has planned for me.

Its time for me to stop wasting time. I am tired but I know how to fight through it and today I have my boxing gloves on. Laced up and ready for the victory that awaits. This isn't the fight of my life but it is the one that will bring change to my life!
I'm bringing faith with me so I know I'll win... stand up!!

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