Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sorry for the delay...

Sorry for not doing a December blog or even a Happy New Year blog. I have been trying to decide what direction my blog needs to go in. I love doing book reviews but don't want to post only when I do a review. Also, my focus has changed to include my songwriting and managing Minister Steve.

So the thinking continues as to where this blog needs to go. I don't want to start another blog because that would be my third one. Time gets in the way of posting on the two I already have so a third might definitely be neglected.

I ask that you bear with me but I think the focus will change to include all three things that I have been focused on: songwriting, music management and publishing. I just want to discuss things that are close to my heart.

So the title of my blog may change but the contents will vary and not be focused solely on one thing. I wish all of you well and hope your new year is blessed and prosperous. Looking forward to blogging again.

Apple has an app for blogging so I might just post a lot since I can do it from my new love-- my iPhone. Lol! Be well... And see you soon!

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