Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And now the book cover idea…

The characters come easy. The words come easy sometimes, and the title comes before the words. So… why am I struggling with the cover? I wonder if it’s because I want it to be eye catching and pop off of the page. I know that I love to look at book covers and must admit that a bad one turns me off quickly. I know we aren’t supposed to judge people or books by the cover, but we do.

I have a few ideas floating around in my head and am getting a headache from trying to figure it out. Do I use a person on the cover, or a drawing, or an inanimate object? I am not really sure but I have been searching the internet for ideas.

I see some covers in traditional bookstores or online, and wonder why the author selected that font or color scheme. It might not appeal to me, and it makes me wonder if it appeals to others when the colors look sort of drab, and uninviting. Then I see other covers and am thrilled with how amazing they are. I want the latter for all of my books.  Maybe if I stop trying so hard, an idea will come to me. I am really not sure but I might give it a try. Well… at least until I start thinking about it again.

I am so excited to bring my character BrookLyn Scott to life. I changed her last name, and now the book is called BrookLyn’s Journey. I am happy that my dreams are coming to life, and look forward to seeing the book cover. If I don’t come up with something soon, I will be looking for help from my friends… Yes, that means you!


  1. How about a pic with the inside of BrookLyn's mind with a road going through it

  2. That's actually a cool idea. My head hurts I've been thinking about it so much! Sorry, you don't get the $2 you requested on my FB page. HA! HA!

    1. BrookLyn can actually be a pic of Me....lololol