Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Writing under a pen name...

A lot of things are going on right now so I haven’t posted in a bit. I am in the process of getting my YA LGBT book edited. We are also working on book cover ideas. I feel a dance coming on as I think about it, but instead I'll keep writing. It doesn't mean that I won't dance. It just means that I'm not in the right place to dance right now.

I am very excited about bringing my character BrookLyn Scott to life. I will be writing my LGBT fiction under the pen name Coffey Brown. I have no idea why I selected that name. There's no great story to go with it except that I wanted something that wasn't common for the first name. Brown sort of just went with it. Yeah, that's it. LOL!

My YA and adult fiction that aren't LGBT, and my motivational or inspirational books won't be under a pen name. My goal is to acquire readers and not confuse them along the way. Isn't that only fair? That’s the only reason I chose to write under two different names. It makes sense to me so I hope that it makes sense to you.

I have a new blog being developed for BrookLyn's Journey. That will be where the excerpts and giveaways will be. Right now it's called Coffey Brown Books and it’s on WordPress. Stop by and enjoy!

Dreams remain daydreams when we don't put in the work. I was tired of daydreaming so I put in the work to bring my dreams to life!

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