Friday, May 4, 2012

BrookLyn's Journey book cover revealed...

Self-proclaimed nerd, BrookLyn Scott, is an eighteen-year-old high school senior in upstate New York who has never held a boy’s hand let alone one’s interest. She has some friends at school and church but is never far from the watchful eye of her abusive parents. BrookLyn’s plan is to escape the abuse by excelling in high school and running safely to college just as her older siblings did. Her plan is derailed after she’s invited and attends her first party. By the end of the night, BrookLyn finds out that church friend, Gabriella Michaels wants more than a friendship, and although her head says no, her heart thinks of the possibility. BrookLyn is focused on her escape plan while flying under the radar of her father’s swinging belt when she is thrust onto an emotional roller coaster. The question is, when the ride ends, where will BrookLyn stand?

I wrote this book with the goal of supporting teens and young adults that are often ignored, abused, and tossed out onto the street. I ask you to help me support them. I want to be the voice they need. Please remember that I am writing my LGBT fiction (both YA and adult) under the pen name Coffey Brown to prevent confusion when my other projects are published. 

My books don't encourage teens and young adults to live one lifestyle over the other. They do, however, support them while creating a fiction novel that might mirror their experiences. I write for one reason and that is to inspire and encourage. 

BrookLyn's Journey will be available in digital and paperback formats this summer... 

FYI...that is my beautiful niece Rachael on the cover. 


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  1. Good wishes going out to you on the book. Good choice for your pen name. I like it forwards and backwards, for I do like my brown coffee. :>)

  2. LOL! I don't know where it came from it literally popped into my head when I was filling out the copyright application. HA! So much for planning and creativity. Thanks for your kind words Pat!!

  3. I look forward to meeting you at Outwrite. Best wishes. Shirley Anderson Fletcher