Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pay attention to the connections you make...

I got my manuscript back from my phenomenal editor, Lisa Martinez. I read it again. I can't tell you how many times I've read it but maybe at least six times just while working with her. I can't memorize it yet but eventually I'll be able to. It has been a lot of hard work but nothing in this life comes easy. For me, easy would've been sharing a book with my family, friends, and readers that wasn't been professionally edited.  I think more of them and my work to do that. I absolutely cringe when I find books that are unedited. I do not think anyone deserves to buy a book that hasn't been professionally edited. Actually, it has been an amazing ride. I wouldn't change it for the world. And yes, I will be doing it all over again soon.

I met Russell Brooks (Thriller Author-buy his books on Amazon!) when he asked me to review his books. Those two reviews resulted in him being very helpful on my publishing journey. Russell then introduced me to (The Finicky Editor) Lisa Martinez, his phenomenal editor. Now I can say she is also my editor and sister friend. We have not met aside from emails but we connected right away. Lisa was helpful and I learned a great deal from her. I can honestly say that I will recommend her to everyone that I meet. She is a phenomenal spirit and that means more to me than anything. Her character shines through every email. She was instrumental in BrookLyn's Journey becoming the book that it has.

Russell then connected me with Carol Webb who designed the book cover with my niece, Rachael Ames on it. I went back and forth with the cover and Ms. Webb (Bella Media Managment) was very patient, kind and thoughtful. The paperback cover will be done soon. I will be working with Signe Nichols of Firedbird Media Management who was also referred by Russell. I love his book cover and am confident mine will look great too. It will be done soon...

I say all of this to say that I have always believed that every connection that we make in life is very important. It doesn't matter how big or small that connection is. One book review has allowed me to connect with amazing people that have helped me get closer to my dream. Only one word comes to mind for me: GRATEFUL. I am truly grateful for the kindness of others, the connections I've made, and the guidance they have all provided. 

You get back what you give. I do my best to be a light in the lives of others and am riding on a high as my dreams come true. One connection leads to new friendships. Pay attention to each connection you make along the way. If you don't you just might miss the blessing...

Stacey aka Coffey Brown
BrookLyn's Journey
July 2012


  1. I was honored to be a part of yours as well as BrookLyn's Journey. It was a series of serendipitous connections that brought me to you as well. Starting with a simple tweet...I commented that one should stay alert because you never know which corner has a miracle around it...Cheryl Tardif from Imajin Books sent me a tweet thirty seconds later about editing and my connection with Russell came from that.

    We really are all connected in this Universe. The breath I exhaled today will be inhaled by someone else tomorrow.

    All the more reason to want more people like you in this world, Stacey! Thank you for the wonderful sentiments.

  2. Thanks @EvalinaMaria. I hope you enjoy it!

    @Lisa there aren't enough words to express my gratitude. You taught me to trust myself and take chances. Along this journey you became someone I could call a friend!!!! I can't wait until the next project. LOL! Really though, I can't.