Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Took A Big Writing Step!

My writing journey has taken a great turn. I mentioned previously that I might have found a copy editor. I am proud to announce that I have sent one of my young adult manuscripts off to a very talented editor. I am thankful that gifted author, Russell Brooks, introduced us. I am not sure how long the process will take to publish my book, but staying focused brings it closer to fruition. I am one step closer to publishing in 2012. Check.

A superstar doesn't become a star sitting around waiting for the right moment. A superstar ceases the moment. Be unprepared doesn't allow us to move quickly when the opportunity arises. I am not comparing myself to a superstar. I am just making an analogy. Am I a superstar? Ha! I just want to be published. Then I will embrace what comes after that even if it's superstardom. What's the point in dreaming small? I dream BIG. (Insert laughter here.)

I spend a great deal of my free time writing. I consistently say that I just want to be ready. I have planted the seed and each day that I type, I am watering those seeds.  Whether I am writing lyrics for Minister Steve's music ministry or completing manuscripts, I write every chance I get. I am focused on my dreams and know that I must remain diligent and faithful. If you're wondering what I'm doing when I don't call, I am watering my seeds.

Be on the lookout for my next post regarding my book. I am so excited to be moving in the right direction. I am filled with joy. Writing it my passion so hopefully my editor will think my projects are worth sharing. Keep your ear to the ground and I will keep you updated. Pray for me!

Make sure to go to and check out Russell Brooks' thrillers.

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