Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Warmest Winter Ever... 2012!!

This time last year we spent hours shoveling in a winter storm that hit us right after Christmas. It was horrendous. My neighbor somehow ended up putting some of his snow on our driveway, which made something as simple as pulling into the driveway a slippery situation. I worked in Monmouth County who decided not to plow the roads including the streets near the hospital where I worked. It did give me two paid days off because my journey on 195 came to a halt when I couldn’t drive on the snow and ice any longer. For the weeks that followed the trip to work was painful! Parking at the hospital was even worse because there were mountains of snow everywhere. It made turning the corner almost impossible. Once they decided to plow they managed to put snow on the corners of most of the streets in Long Branch and surrounding areas. There was snow everywhere for months. 

This year, my winter has been the exact opposite. I have worn t-shirts and have not put on anything heavier than a sweatshirt. My winter coat hasn’t been removed from the box it was packed in prior to us relocating to North Carolina. The temperature has been cold at times but nothing like what I’ve experienced living in the New York tri-state area. I grew up in upstate New York. I know cold. I know snow. I also know it snows in North Carolina but there won’t be 20 inches of snow in one storm. I like to throw on a sweater or sweatshirt without wearing a jacket. I can do that now. And it is amazing to me! It’s a small thing to some but when you’ve been through a few dark valleys it allows you to embrace even the smallest of things. Today when we go out I will be donning a sweatshirt in forty-five degree weather. And there will be no snow on the ground. That to me is priceless in the middle of January.

While basking in the amazing weather I have continued working on my goals that I have carried over from 2011. I have been writing as much as I can. I am working on a few projects that I am looking forward to publishing this year. I may have acquired a copyeditor that was referred by a friend. That is the biggest step for me right now. When I review or simply read books it bothers me when people don’t get their books properly edited. I initially judge a book by its cover but then it’s judge by its contents. I strongly feel if an author doesn’t feel that their project is important enough to be copyedited that I shouldn’t feel it’s important enough to read. My manuscripts are my prize possessions. Once I see finish projects of some authors, I don’t feel they see it the same way. I know its costly but it costs the author more in the end. The biggest cost is lack of readers. I don’t want that to happen to me.

I have narrowed it down to two book cover designers. I am hoping to go with a friend of mine. Through the guidance of another friend I will be bringing my books to life first through e-books, and then I will make them available in paperbacks. I enjoy reading on the iPad and my Kindle. To me, there is nothing like turning the pages of a book. Maybe it’s my age and the fact that owning a library card was important when I was growing up. In the age of digital everything I still love touching the spine of a book. I am so excited about sharing my fiction novels and my motivational books with everyone. I am taking my time to bring them together professionally. I don’t want to disappoint. I will keep you posted on my progress. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Stay warm…

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