Thursday, February 16, 2012

Too many characters...

What do you do when you have so many characters floating around in your head? It's crazy! Each time I start working on a project another idea comes along. I am not sure what's the best way to deal with it. What I have done thus far is at least type the initial ideas down. I don't want to forget certain ideas the characters stir up. I try focusing on one manuscript completely but that's never worked for me. For many years, life distracted me from writing. Since it was stirred awake around 2006, I have been unable to rest. Not that I want to necessarily but it has become a larger part of my life than it had been. Every waking moment almost becomes an idea. [Insert an eye brow raise here.]

One of my projects is a story that's been stirring inside of me for years. I'm not sure if it will ever reach the world beyond the computer screen. However, I have to write it. It won't let me rest. So, I set a daily writing goal of 2000 words. Not on each project per day, but on whichever one I am working on that day. Isn't this what an aspiring author does? Why am I complaining? I'm not really.

Then the lyrics. They invade my thoughts too. I could be walking to get the mail, or on the treadmill, and lyrics pop into my head. My cell phone recorder has become my best friend. Sometimes its easier to just sing the lyrics into my phone so I won't forget the idea or the melody. Minister Steve told me to just keep writing them down and when we're ready, they'll be at arms length. So... each moment, every hour, ideas flow inside of me. I look like I'm listening to you, but I think my ideas have me a little distracted. Ha!

I apologize in advance because YOU might be one of the next character's in my book... Just kidding. Am I?


  1. How wonderful that your imagination is full of life! I teach art in an elementary school, and I try to stir their imaginations because it's so important. Wonderful you have the gift of writing lyrics! Good luck!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  2. Love this post! I know that feeling! The more I invest in my writing, the more writing I want to do . . .although I lost touch with my singing song-writing ideas many years ago, I still write poetry, and my kids and I make up rap songs together . . . not that we're ready to share of any of them. I have too many ideas too. Just two days ago I started writing about a character named Josh, waiting for a lunar eclipse . . .has nothing to do with my current WIP that I'm trying to focus on daily.

  3. @Tyrean I make up rap songs with my niece and nephew too!! That's too funny. At least I know I am not alone in this world with excessive ideas! Ha Ha! Maybe you and I can work on a rap song too! LOL!