Friday, February 10, 2012

What's your writing style?

Yesterday I watched a snippet of an interview with the graffiti artist that made millions after he spray-painted the walls in the Facebook office. At one point he said that he, I am a paraphrasing, took the paint can and just painted. Basically, he doesn’t always plan before hand what he is going to draw or paint.  This resonated within me because I had recently explained my writing style to someone. I sit in front of the computer with a basic idea, sometimes. On most occasions I sit down and just start typing. I have never understood how it works but it works for me. Even when I have an idea or topic, I don’t necessarily have a plan.

I was born before computers were invented. I grew up without a computer or word processor. I actually had to write things down, which is almost foreign today. When my writing tool was a pen and paper, my writing style was the exact same. I opened up my notebook to a blank sheet of paper, and let the tip of my pen create whatever it was I wanted to create. It has always baffled me because I never sit down with a plan that has a beginning, middle, and end. I type and the story takes on a life of its own.

I am not sure if my writing style is unique. I am not sure if it’s a common practice. I just hope that it is successful. Even when I do my motivational status updates, I just type and my fingertips create my update for the day. I have never understood it but have always accepted it. I haven’t taken writing classes. I never knew how to explain my writing style to others, especially a teacher. [Insert smile here]

Whether I am writing lyric, a poem, or a manuscript my writing style is the same. I sit in front of the computer with headphones on blocking out the rest of the world, and am always amazed when a story evolves out of such chaos. When I was in college, and even in graduate school, I did the same thing when I wrote my papers. Having complete quiet or the voices on the television in the background is extremely distracting to me. The soothing voices and melodies playing in my headphones are not. It touches something deep within allowing my creative juices to flow.

I don’t give all of the credit to my fingertips and pen. I know I am a participant. It just interests me that sometimes I don’t quite feel like I have been. I can see or hear something that inspires me to develop something. It’s quite interesting and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I will keep blasting my music while creating and completing projects. It's just what I do...

What’s your writing style?

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