Monday, January 25, 2010

Court of Foxes book review...

Court Of Foxes
By Brian Lux
Publisher: DA Diamonds
Published: 2008
241 Pages

Highly recommended!

I extremely enjoyed reading Brian Lux's book, Court of Foxes, which focuses on good and evil in the world. The discussion about the Book of Revelations hits close to home because I, too, like the main character Bryn, don't feel at ease with its contents. I have difficulty with Revelations as some things occurring currently seem to be a reflection of things discussed--earthquakes detroying land, fires, wars, and floods--which is unsettling to me. Despite numerous warnings from his family and new friends, Bryn heeds the call of trying to figure out what secrets lie in Morredin.

Having never been anywhere close to Wales I found myself travelling with the same fervor as Bryn as he strolled around his new surroundings-caves, valleys, and mountains-sharing his curiosity, anxiety, fear and excitement about his new discoveries. Mr. Lux is an amazing storyteller in that I had vivid images of all of the characters and settings discussed but especially of Bryn's new friend Selwyn. In the village, people feared Selwyn and called him the "Mad Monk." Although they feared him I could feel his gentleness and as he walked. I could hear and feel the repeated "thud" of his staff as it hit the ground while he walked eagerly to assist young Bryn.

This book from start to finish was a wild journey through the mountains and valleys in Wales resulting with Bryn being faced with a life changing decision-choosing between good and evil-similar to challenges we all face in life. Bryn tastes power briefly-making the river flow backwards- while thirsty for knowledge about Emyrs and his hold on Morredin. Power in the hands of the wrong person can have a negative affect on everyone and Bryn, recognizes this in a brief second thus he is able to make the right decision.

This book is full of suspense and I look forward to taking another exciting journey with Mr. Lux in his next novel. As for Court of Foxes, I highly recommend it to both youth and adults alike looking to partake on a marvelous journey while never leaving their home.

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