Monday, January 25, 2010

Under the Neon Sky....Loved the excitement of this book!

Under the Neon Sky
Jay Rankin
Publisher:Jay Rankin Publishing
ISBN 10:0984210911
264 pages

I had the extreme pleasure of reading Under the Neon Sky by Jay Rankin, which I highly recommend. This book doesn't read like a non-fiction book but reads like a work of fiction with fragments of Las Vegas history sprinkled in along the way. I love Vegas and this book allowed me to see the Vegas that no tourist gets to see--the bright lights, loud noises walking hand and hand with sin and temptation--a world unknown to most.

As Mr. Rankin "craved the energy of the city," I mirrored that excitement as I turned every page feeling the heat of the Vegas lights on my face while I read each word. It was a well-written piece of work and I look forward to reading another book by Mr. Rankin. My only regret was that eventually like Mr. Rankin's life in Vegas, this energy filled book had to come to an end...

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