Monday, January 25, 2010

The Secrets of Stonewood Sanitarium... highly recommended!

The Serets of Stonewood Sanitarium
By Linda Krug
150 pgs.
I just finished reading "The Secrets of Stonewood Sanitarium" by Linda Krug. This book was written for adolescent readers; however, I feel that it can also be enjoyed by adult readers. From the beginning, this book grabs your attention holding it in its grasp until the very end. The book takes twists and turns as does the life of the main teenage character Nate--loss of his family, relocating to live with his aunt and uncle, new school-- who allows the curiosity of his new surroundings to get in the way of his daily life.

Nate becomes engrossed with the mysteriousness of the abandoned psychiatric facility near his new home. Despite being warned by his uncle to stay clear of the hospital, his curiosity is peaked forcing him to ignore the verbal warnings. His desire to find out exactly what's going on at the facility has taken hold of him placing him in danger's way. The book shows the resiliency of children--Nate functioning after losing his entire family and looking out for the well-being of others-- while taking you on an action packed journey through the abandoned hospital grounds. At times, I felt like I was walking alongside Nate at the abandoned facility holding my breath after each of his new discoveries.

This is a must read for adolescents and adults eager to go on a mysterious journey without ever leaving their chair. The author does an amazing job and I highly recommend this book.

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