Monday, January 25, 2010

Great debut novel... Karma

By Saniya Solis
Publisher: Urban Fire Publishing
Published: 2009
ISBN 13: 9780982406120 204 pgs.

I recently read Karma and it was a superb piece of work. As you read the fast-paced page turner you immediately forget this is a debut novel as Ms. Solis is a wonderful storyteller. The story twists and turns making you think one person is a friend when they are actually a foe—drama unfolds during the first few pages of the book keeping you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. This book is a clear reflection of real life at times when people begin to show their true selves.

Charise Perez is a successful businesswoman and her life begins to unfold as she becomes unsure of who she should trust—she falls into the arms of a previous lover, she lets her guard down with her business partner, and enlists the help of another successful business owner for a new project—learning quickly that she doesn’t know the men that she is closest to. Thus her world unfolds and drama takes over—backstabbing, love, friendship and dishonesty—come to the forefront and Ms. Perez has to stand stronger to maintain her powerful position.

I had moved away from reading urban fiction because authors were not giving the care they should’ve been to their work--with poor editing, shoddy covers, and predictable storylines; however, Saniya Solis has restored my faith in writers of this genre and authors like her will move our books to the front of the bookstores! I look forward to her next piece of work.

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