Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fast paced story... highly recommended!

Mozart in the Future
By:Tania Maria Rodrigues-Peters
99 Pages

I took a break from reading the book I planned on reviewing next and opened “Mozart in the Future,” written by Tania Maria Rodrigues-Peters. Before I knew it, I had finished the book. This book is a wonderful story to share with children who are working hard to achieve their dreams—athletically, musically or academically—because it will motivate them to see it through.

This fun fast paced story discusses a childhood friendship between young Mozart and an equally talented young musician named Max. They both long to be “normal” little boys outside playing with friends but aren’t allowed to have any fun. Mozart’s dad prevents him from playing with the other boys as does Max’s mother forcing them to only focus on playing the piano. Although he is not allowed to play, Mozart holds his love for music getting lost in his desires as he plays each key. Max on the other hand, starts to dislike music and becomes physically ill from the stress his mother has him under. These talented young men never met outside of their nightly dreams when one day, seeing Max’s love for music lessen, the Spirit of Music intervenes bringing these boys together in reality.

The boys meet and Max introduces Mozart to a new world—the 21st Century. Mozart in return gives Max more than he could ever give him—he gives him back his love for music. These boys, two worlds apart, needed each other to get where they needed to go in order for their futures to occur. This is a great story in that a lot of us get lost on our journey forgetting the purpose of what we initially set out to do. This book will encourage children and teens to stay focused and continue on their course. Ms. Rodrigues-Peters achieved what she set out to do in this story—to encourage young hearts to dream and believe.

I highly recommend this book to all school aged children. It will give them permission to dream...


  1. Yes! Great review...And I just came over to confirm it...Great Book...I loved it too!