Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break...

Trying to read, write, and compose a clear business plan for my publishing endeavors and network. Oh, and I must add entertaining my niece and nephew while they visit for spring break. I am not sure how to balance things so I am flying by the seat of my pants! I am ecstatic they are visiting and am going to hate see them leave. The deadline I set for myself with the business plan was April 1, 2010. I am not sure if I will get it done. It is almost finished. I have an editor selected but am having difficulty deciding which publishing company to go with. I’ve narrowed it down to a few great ones. It is all in the presentation and I need a company that creates a great finished product.

I have come across a few books where I loved the content but the presentation was below par. It is very important to me that my cover looks as good as what I’ve written. People do judge a book by a cover. I know I do. If I pick up a book and the cover is shoddy, I immediately put it back down. I don’t want anyone doing that to me… so I am looking at the book quality as much as I am looking at the price. It doesn’t matter how much I pay the first time if I have to publish it twice. I want to get it right the first time.

My next review will be done in the beginning of next week. I am reading “The Past and Future King,” by Warren M. Mueller. It is a fantastical saga. The story is filled with mythical creatures and is a fast paced enjoyable book. I can’t wait to finish reading it.

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