Monday, March 1, 2010

My next book review...

I am currently reading a humorous book called “From Beer to Maternity,” written by Maggie Lamond Simone. Ms. Simone is a witty, quirky writer who takes you on a journey from when she feels her life started which was the day after she stopped drinking. Ms. Simone felt that she wouldn’t be funny anymore once she stopped drinking and although I haven’t finished the book yet, I must attest that she is incorrect. While reading this book I find myself laughing out loud. I can’t wait to finish it.

I had to work a lot last week so I haven’t been able to blog but I did have time periodically to jot down some lyrics and record them. I didn’t record them professionally but after I write them I like to see how they sound. So, I record them on my cell phone. Throughout this process, I have learned a few things about my PC that I find quite interesting.

I know how to navigate my computer somewhat but am amazed at what it can actually do. I had no idea if I recorded a song on my cell phone that I could email it and play it on my computer. This may not be exciting to some but it’s amazing to me. I emailed the song to myself first and sat in awe as it played through the computer speakers. In awe because I was able to play the song through the computer. I still wasn't too sure about the song so I emailed it to my brother. I sent it to my brother to see what he thought and he liked it. So, I sent him another one and he said, “I could actually hear someone like Toni Braxton singing this song.” I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so wide about something I had done.

I like involving my siblings because I know I’ll get an honest opinion but I didn’t expect the response he gave. My siblings and I don’t lead each other astray. If we don’t feel something is up to par we encourage each other to tweak it rather than lie allowing each other to fall on our faces. Honesty doesn’t frighten me as much as being embarrassed by something that is below standard. My best critics will always be my partner and my siblings and at the same time, they’ll always be my greatest supporters!

So, today my goal is to catch up with my reading, writing--trying to finish a young adult novel--and of course, writing one song. My desire to achieve my goals I have set for this year is so alive and with each new day, that desire increases… that’s a good thing, right?

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