Sunday, March 7, 2010

From Beer to Maternity book review...

From Beer to Maternity
By Maggie Lamond Simone
Publisher: Brodman Publishing
Published: 2009
ISBN: 97861529922
Pages: 260

This book is a fast paced, quirky, hysterical account of adulthood and parenting. As I read this book I consistently laughed out loud at Ms. Simone’s portrayal of these sometimes stressful moments in our lives. Ms. Simone’s story begins where she feels her life began—in sobriety. Ms. Simone doesn’t remember most of her youth as it was clouded by alcoholism. Simple things that we take for granted—laundry, cooking and cleaning—were challenges for Ms. Simone as she never had done them before.

Ms. Simone allows us a peek at her life as she “grows up,” becomes a responsible adult, wife, and mother. After not recognizing the world she passively lived in for many years she discusses a range of emotions—fear, anxiety, and excitement—as she participates in her new experiences. Once she moves out on her own, things work out for her successfully. Her biggest fear prior to sobriety was that she wouldn’t be funny anymore; I can attest that did not happen. Ms. Simone is a talented storyteller which is evidenced by her humorous accounts of the events that occur in her life.

Throughout the book, there are lists or tips provided in regard to different topics—marriage, aging, parenting—coupled with vivid stories related to each event or topic. Each story is more vivid than the other—potty training her daughter who urinates on the carpet, her housecleaning difficulties, her son playing her discipline rants on the tape recorder, and Ms. Simone doing the jig when both kids board the school bus spending full days at school for the first time—allowing the reader to smell the dirty carpet, see the dishes overflowing in the sink, see her son standing with a smile on his face playing the recorder, and her jubilation dancing the jig.

I’m not married, nor do I have kids but this book allows me to see the humor in these types of relationships. I highly recommend this book for any adult whether they are married, engaged, in a relationship or partnership, as this book gives a lighter account of adulthood and life experiences. It may allow the reader to look at the events in their lives in a humorous way changing their attitude toward the events promoting a better outcome. Go get your copy now, you won’t regret it!

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