Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Non-fiction that reads like fiction...

Why Me, Oh Lord, Why Me?
By Jane with Rebecca
Publisher: Outskirts Press
IBSN: 9781432741464
Pages: 208

This compelling non-fiction story reads like fiction. Jane’s journey has the reader at times feeling breathless as she endures so many things. The stories are so vivid and allow you to see the stress and strain she is under just trying to function in this world. Yet, victory is hers in the end as she has the last demon cast out freeing her. It is as if she lived fifty years in darkness and turmoil and then is awakened once the demon was cast out. With Janet gone, Jane can live.

A friend of mine was diagnosed with MS and he was asked how he felt about this diagnosis and the changes that will come to his life. His response to that question was, Why not me? Who am I? Like Jane, we all are faced with this question—Why me, Lord? This happens when we are given blessings and as we face challenges. And in sharing her story, Jane will help others who have experienced similar things or will do so in the future. Her faith abounds despite how many times it is battered—with Janet taking over, death, and tragedy—she bent as far as she could and was never broken.

The support of others in her life guided her steps as well. Her husband was a quiet but extremely supportive soul as were her friends, pastors and various people she met along her journey. Jane’s life was full of turmoil and she managed to stand on God’s grace. This story is heart wrenching and as each event is depicted, you feel Jane’s pain, sadness, anger, and anxiety. When she prevails, all those feelings are replaced with joy and excitement that this tormented soul walks erect saved by her faith in the Lord.

The fact that the book is written in Jane’s own words allows the reader to understand the depth of her turmoil without the psychiatric terms taking the “individual” out of it. I have worked with people with schizophrenia before and I have seen some of what Jane has described. However, her account allowed me to acquire a clearer understanding of the illness. My heart goes out to Jane while at the same time my hand is extended--thanking her for allowing us to enter her mind, body and soul—knowing that she has done exactly what she set out to do by sharing her story; promote understanding while showing what faith in God can do. I will never forget Jane…

Highly recommended!

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