Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just one of those days...

I am surprised that I had "one of those days." I am surprised because it has been a few years, despite the circumstances, that I have had one of them. I woke up yesterday morning with a plan in sight, made a phone call for clarification of those plans, and to my dismay-- my mood changed -- when things didn't go as planned. I own my feelings and the fact that I allowed "something" to steal my joy. I am a little disappointed in myself but stopped to remember two things. One, I am only human and two, these feelings were only allowed to last for a few hours. I made every effort to write and do other things but the negative feelings took hold. So, I wasn't as productive as I wanted to be.

Earlier I watched my recording of Oprah. It was about Roger Ebert. He is no longer able to talk after facing thyroid cancer and numerous surgeries. The tears rolled down my eyes as I saw the light shining in his eyes although he lacked the ability to speak. Here I had allowed a perfectly beautiful day to get away from me forgetting that things would be better tomorrow. Things always get better. If not, I would make it through anyway as I always did until things did finally turn around. I watched the love in Mr. Ebert's eyes-- for his wife, his life, the movies, his computerized voice, Oprah-- and although he couldn't speak, I clearly heard his voice verbalized through that love. His voice is gone but his spirit has remained.

I watched Mr. Ebert in awe who self-reportedly "loved to eat and talk." He has lost those two abilities but has managed to keep on living-- really live not just exist. I allowed myself yesterday to feel whatever it was that I was feeling. But today I'll make it a brighter day even through the rain. Take what you have been given in this life and make it better... that's my plan... don't give up because something or someone has let you down. It is quite simple: keep the faith.

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