Monday, March 8, 2010

The next book up for review...

Why Me, Oh Lord, Why Me? is my next book up for review. It is a moving true story of Jane, a Christian widow and mother of five children. Some might think it is a controversial account of Jane's life- demonic spirits, voices, a second personality-which she feels stemmed from a "generational curse." Jane lives through a number of tragedies and heartaches. Jane persevered despite dealing with mental illness and recurrent thoughts of suicide. The book discusses her struggles and reflects her faith in God which pulled her through each event in her life providing a foundation for her survival.

I'm not far from the end of the book and have enjoyed it thus far. It is an eye opening account of the power of the human spirit. It makes the reader question if they could survive experiences such as this with the same fervor that Jane did. It is a compelling story and I'm eager to continue with Jane on her spiritual journey. The story was written by Jane with help from her sister Rebecca.

I have five more books up for review and I'm looking forward to reading all of them. The genres vary but they are all debut novels. I hope to have them completed by the end of the month. I try to give each book a week or so to complete because I put myself in the author's shoes. I don’t want them to wait because I would be sitting waiting anxiously for my review. So, I do my best to get them done quickly.

Today is a beautiful sunny day in Bucks County, PA and although I want to spend my day off outside, I am going to do my best to be productive. I have set goals that I need to stick with but spring days have always been a challenge for me. I am not truly an outdoor person but I just feel like I need to feel the breeze and enjoy the brightness of the day. Again I say to myself… focus!!

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  1. Thank You, Diligent Writer. I am Rececca, Jane's sister; her story was my first publishing experience and so greatly appreciate your reviewing the book. It made it difficult to market the book as Jane's children wanted all their names and the places changed so I couldn't do local book showings.
    I didn't retire until 86 years. At 87 years of age, you cannot waste time. I'm working on a book for 'Born Again' Christians: "So You're Born Again! How Much Have you Grown?" and several for churches to help in 'Assimilation' and other needed subjects, called "What You Didn't Learn in Seminary But Need to Know Now".
    Thank You Again,
    Betty Lensmith (Rebecca)