Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Review of my first picture book...

Gifts of the Heart
By Karen Boes Oman
Publisher: Create Space
Published: 2009

I read "Gifts of the Heart" by Karen Boes Oman which is a picture book that flows quite poetically. The book was about Christmas and the importance of "giving." The book was poetic, the artwork was superb and the story flowed successfully due to its great rhythm. The message of "giving" is something that I think people forget needs to be done on a daily basis not just during times of crisis or during the holiday season. This story is a reminder of such. This story is a reflection of the importance of doing for others and I think children will hear its message clearly while getting lost on this colorful, silly journey.

I think this book will immediately snatch the attention of young children holding it until the very end of the story. Most books are unable to do that but both Ms. Oman and the illustrator captured the essence of what a picture book should be--fun while learning at the same time. As a result, the adult will have to read the book over and over as the child will desire to get lost on the journey with the grandparents and Bo Peep as much as they can. What I enjoyed most is that the message of "giving" is evident throughout the book. There is nothing better than enjoying a book while acquiring knowledge at the same time. Well done...

I highly recommend this book to educators, grandparents, and parents alike. I also think it is a great book for social workers and counselors to use when working with children individually as well as in social skills groups.

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