Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting on the "write" track...

Of course I know my title is not grammatically correct; however, if I wrote it the correct way the point would not be as clear! I started the new year off with a few goals in mind and one of them was to write more. I am working diligently to write for at least three hours per day. Of course on days when its possible, I'll write for more hours than that.

I wrote three songs yesterday before I went to work. I am writing gospel songs because those are the songs that are on my heart or in my spirit, so to speak. But I have written songs that could be in the country, pop or hip-hop genres as well. I basically write whatever comes to mind when I sit in front of the computer or that pops into my head as I go throughout my day. I actually bought mini notebooks that will fit in my back pocket so I can jot down lyrics as they come to mind. On some occasions an entire song idea enters my mind as my head hits the pillow at night. So, I grab the little notebook on the end table and jot the lyrics down.

I don't know why my creative bug is so active at this point in my life but I welcome it. There is a season in our lives for all events and I know that this is my season. This is my season to get on the "write" track and use the gifts that God blessed me with. I used to write a poem or short story here and there but I didn't focus on it like I am now. My mind, my heart and my spirit are aligned and are working to take my gifts to another level. So, I must stay on the "write" track doing something that I always loved to do but never had the courage to attempt!

My ultimate goals for 2010 are to be published and to have Minister Steve working on songs I have written. In order for these events to occur I have to put in the time and effort to bring it to fruition. In short, I have to get and stay on the "write" track keeping these goals in sight!

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