Monday, February 1, 2010

Kissed By The Devil Books I & II... high praise!

Kissed By The Devil I
By Dashawn Taylor
Publisher: Next Level Publishing
Published: 2007
ISBN 13: 9780980015409
245 pages

Kissed By The Devil Book II
ISBN 13: 9780980015423
335 pages

I first met Dashawn Taylor on Facebook and had the pleasure of bumping into him on 125th Street in Harlem where I purchased the first book. As I strolled down the block perusing the pages, I was excited about the idea of reading the book in its entirety. From the first page to the last page, I was far from disappointed. Mr. Taylor is an amazing storyteller keeping you drawn to the story from start to finish. As soon as I thought I had figured what direction the story would take and was convinced I knew what was going to happen, the story went in an entirely different direction. His ability to maintain my attention kept my eyes glued to the pages.

From the very beginning you are thrust into the hostile, violent environment that encompasses the main character Heidi’s life, as she lay in a hospital bed after a violent domestic dispute with her fiance Jayson, who is dead. The story begins with Heidi trying to rebuild her life while never letting go of her feelings of bitterness from the past. Eventually some choices she makes have her once again fighting for her life and the lives of her family. While reading the book an array of emotions washed over me as I felt—sadness, anger, anxiety and praise—for Heidi. As soon as I would feel one emotion the story twisted forcing me to immediately embrace another one. I was on a roller coaster ride that was Heidi’s life!

The first book kept me thirsty for the second one which was all that and more. In my opinion, Mr. Taylor’s writing skills have improved since the release of the first book. The second book was a reflection of the care he put into making this book look--more professional from the improved quality of the cover, professional editing and pulling the quality of the book and story together--thus resulting in a tighter fit. I actually sat and stared at the book when I finished, in awe of his storytelling ability and the care that went into this book.

Although I unequivocally enjoyed the first book, this one had that little something extra that would give the series the praise it deserved. Mr. Taylor never disappointed as he allowed you to take another journey with Heidi as she tried to seek vengeance on those who had wronged her. Book II flowed easily allowing me to connect the characters to each other prohibiting me from putting the book down. I read it fast as my curiosity was peaked again on page one until I reached the last page. If Mr. Taylor continues to write in the professional manner that he did with this second book, he will be on the top of my list for urban thrillers.

I highly recommend this book to readers looking to take a dark ride on the streets of New Jersey while never leaving their chair. I hope other authors of this genre are paying attention to his talents and mirroring them to promote a better set of urban books to read… well-done Mr. Taylor you have definitely arrived as one of leaders in this genre.

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