Monday, February 8, 2010

Savannah Law Book Review...

Savannah Law
By William Eleazer
Publisher:Elex Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-9824747-6-1
358 pages

Savannah Law by William Eleazer was a fast paced well-written fiction novel. I enjoyed this book from the first page to the epilogue. Of course, I was eager for it to end so I could find out what happened but I was sad at the same time that there was nothing left for Mr. Eleazer to divulge. From the very beginning, I was consumed with the energy of this fast past thriller as it twisted and turned while the drama unfolded. The characters were vividly portrayed as were the scenes where most events took place. I was able to see the story as I read along—sitting at the bar-The Library-near the campus, the arrogant lawyer parading around the court room, the judge’s flared nostrils reflecting his extreme distaste of this pompous lawyer, and the nights Jennifer’s life was at risk—which is a reflection of Mr. Eleazer’s superb storytelling ability.

One of the main characters, Jennifer, appeared to be extremely intelligent yet flighty. Many people ignore events that are uncomfortable but her responses or lack thereof, left me in awe and at times angered by her indifference to frightening events that occurred to her. At times, I wanted to “shake” some sense into her!
The author created believable characters allowing the story to flow easily as each character was clearly connected to the other. When the trials occurred in the court room I felt an array of emotions--Scott’s anxiety, the judge’s anger, Professor Nolan’s fear, sadness, contempt—while also visualizing the media circus playing out in the court room.

I have never attended law school but know people who have and this book was a clear depiction of their experience. I highly recommend this novel. It is an exciting journey in the life of a law student which coupled with Mr. Eleazer’s knowledge of this profession creates a great story. I highly anticipate his next piece of work.

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