Monday, February 22, 2010

Slow read but good book...

Two Brothers: One North, One South
By David H. Jones
Publisher:Staghorn Press
Published: 2008

This book takes the reader on a journey through the Civil War period allowing them to visualize—the pain, anger and pride—of the characters. It is a great depiction of such a difficult time in our history. I haven’t come across a book of historical fiction that has caught my eye before Two Brothers: One North, One South.

Mr. Jones’ novel spanned over a four-year period focusing on the Prentiss brothers who chose to fight in the war but on opposing sides. The characters are quite vivid allowing the reader to see the brothers as they stood in their uniforms—one blue and one gray—fighting in the same war on different sides of the country.

Walt Whitman visits with patients at the Armory Square Hospital and meets both brothers—William and Clifton Prentiss--when they are injured in the war. Mr. Whitman becomes the storyteller discussing the journey that each man takes during the war. He is the link between the two brothers as the story unfolds. The book embraces fiction and non-fiction but provides a good balance helping one to stay focused on the story rather than getting lost in the historical facts.

I am not a history buff nor do I generally read books like this, but I thoroughly enjoyed the journey I went on during this time period with Mr. Whitman and the Prentiss brothers. My only regret was some of the dialogue which I think slowed the pace of the book. I recommend this book for anyone interested in history—teens in AP classes, college students and adults— and it might also be a great support in classes that to some may be boring.

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