Saturday, February 20, 2010

When the "real" job gets in the way...

What do you do when the "real" bill paying job gets in the way of your aspiring goals? Deal with it and work extremely hard to change it. For right now I go to work everyday knowing that I'm working toward something great. I find comfort in thinking about what lies ahead for me. I guess that's that thing called faith again. I walk through my eight hour shift with song ideas rolling in my head. You never know when and where inspiration is going to rear its head.

It is the desire that I have to break into the literary and music world that allows me to walk through my shift at work with a new swagger. I know this is temporary. I know that I am going to do the things that I desire as I asked God to allow me to do them. Faith! Knowing that there is an eventual end to my mundane eight hour shift, allows me to make it through my shift with ease. Faith, determination and an immense desire are a few ingredients in the recipe of my humble existence... the key factors to my success!!

Goals for today... run a few errands and write, write, write...

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