Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Faith Pulling Me Through...

I've had a few things on my mind this week but haven't let them get the best of me. Yesterday, I sat staring at the computer screen as a headache tried to distract me from the writing goals I had set. A few other things got in the way but I managed to brush them off as well. After a moment, I looked up and the blank page in front of me was filling up with words. Those words evolved into a song. After I sang it over, making sure I hadn't just thrown words together, it made sense. So, I printed it out, read it over, and liked the way it was written. I put it in my binder with the rest of the songs I've written and then I wrote another song and another.

I'm not telling you this to brag. I don't do that at all and I don't it like when others brag. I'm quite humble actually. I say this to confess that I was having a slow week with things getting in the way or staying at the forefront of my mind. I prayed and spoke with a friend, but it is my faith that has carried me through. I know that eventually what I'm doing will pay off. The late nights, the many little notebooks I scribble in, the ideas floating in my head, will all develop into something special. The idea of seeing my books in print and hearing Minister Steve sing melodies that I helped create evokes a feeling in me that I can't explain. Maybe that feeling is called... praise!

I write quotes on my Facebook page almost daily. Sometimes they are from others but most of the time they are by me. I do this because it forces me to hold myself accountable. When I wrote this week that "Sometimes you have to move out of your own way," I was also speaking to myself. I know where my strength comes from. I can't let anything get me down and block my blessings. So, I claim my success now and know that it will come to fruition--especially if I keep up at this pace. I'm working and "grinding," as they say, like this is my last day on earth. I hope it isn't. I'm going to continue to work very hard so that I can reach my publishing goals and I'll walk with the blind faith that my mother owns... this faith will carry me through...

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