Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Busy day... not much writing...

Currently reading Savannah Law for my next review. The book is written by William Eleazer. I am less than twenty pages into it and am enjoying it a lot. I hope to post my review by the end of the week because I received three other books this week in the mail to review as well. We are supposed to have a snowstorm this weekend so I am sure I will be able to get it done. Nothing like reading a good book as the snow is falling outside while the fireplace is keeping you warm!

Today I wrote three songs. I wrote two gospel songs and of course, one sappy love song. I was getting into the flow when we had to run to the hospital as my partner's grandmother fell down in her apartment. We spent a few hours in the emergency room but three stitches and a broken nose later, we were able to come back to the house. I haven't been able to focus enough to write so I decided I will do it tomorrow. Of course there is always a melody in my head so I've just been jotting down the lyrics into my small notebook.

There is a fire burning inside of me and I can't wait to share it!

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