Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another shot at spoken word...

I've always been the type of person to call someone on their mess. Am I perfect? Not even close nor would I want to be. You may call it "being politically correct," but I refer to it as respect. I make every effort to treat each person as I would like to be treated unless I am given a reason not to.

I read a Facebook post that an old classmate put up in regard to the earned income credit. He remarked that it wasn't a tax return but it was welfare. At what point in life do people exhibit compassion? The great thing about life is one day you can be on the bottom and the next you can stand on top. What you also have to remember though is that you fall from grace faster than you arrived. Another words, it is really easy to return back to where your journey began.

This statement annoyed me but even more it allowed me to realize how thankful I am for who I am. I do my best not to pass judgment because I don't want to be judged. I cringe when blanket statements about people are made. We don't know what situations led anyone to the current place they are in life. Poverty like homelessness, addiction and disease crosses all boundaries. How do we simply disregard each other because "we made it?"

Out of my disgust for his comments I was inspired to take another shot at spoken word. I wrote something which of course is called, Earned Income Credit. I won't call him out because my intent is to encourage folks to look beyond our differences and not encourage hate. If I called him out publicly, I'd be no better than him. The "I" that I speak about is not me but it can be anyone you'd like it to be...

Earned Income Credit

Earned income credit
Not everyone qualifies or can even get it,
Wake up each morning wiping sleep from their eyes
Searching for the American dream
Chasing each opportunity with every sun rise,
But for whatever reason the bootstraps never make it to the top
Falling short despite how many hours they manage to clock.
Despite their efforts the money doesn’t flow
You think they like qualifying?
Then there’s something you should know--
We all have the same opportunities their presentation may be disguised
It may be just beyond the horizon where an absent father lies,
Or in the bend where a mother’s life has abruptly come to an end,
Along the river aside the job that unexpectedly washed away
Or next to a sick child in need of medical treatment
As each hospital bill arrives a bank account becomes nonexistent.
Each situation presents itself differently
Not packaged and perfectly placed attainable on a shelf.
Maybe your parents had some type of wealth
Or have never been struck by poor health.
My opportunities aren’t as overt as yours
I’ve faced numerous slamming closed doors
Requiring me to work harder than you’ve had to
So, does that make me less than you?
I am as strong as you with a different foundation
I work hard, fall short and suffer your condemnation.
Your world overflows with perfection oozing out of your pores
In my eyes I see your reflection as you stand behind a glass door
In this life things can change in an instant knocking all dreams aside-
Your positive turning into negative right before your eyes.
What would happen then if you qualified?
Would you think about the words you spoke and I heard?
“It’s not a tax return, its welfare.”
Is it then that you’ll care?
Dear sir-- I may have less than you but in my heart I have more
I work hard every day to better my situation
Building for my children, a better foundation but…
Earned income credit it's a small price for what I originally put in it.
Each day I fall short wishing someone would care
I want success I don’t want welfare.

© 2010 by Stacey Pierce
© 2010 by 2sistaspublishing