Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Past and Future King Book Review....

Book: The Past and Future King
Author: Warren Mueller
Publisher: American Book Publishing
Published: 2010
ISBN: 9781589825208
Pages: 192

This book is a well-written, fast paced fantastical saga that entwines religion with fantasy. This is a new approach in this genre and Mr. Mueller’s story telling ability allows the story to flow successfully. Tom is a young boy and hero of the book, left with the task of saving Earth and its inhabitants from destruction.

Tom loves to read fantasy books and becomes engrossed in them but his parents encourage him to return the books to Willet, an old scribe. Thus Tom’s exciting journey begins as his dreams mesh with his reality. This book takes the reader on a journey with Tom as he negatively interacts with the very people looking to destroy Earth. These people are in search of world domination and it’s up to Tom and his new found friends--Willet, Wini, Win, Cearl and Penda--to prevent that from happening.

Each scene in the story is as vivid as the next. I can see the stones that aid Tom on his journey as readily as I can visualize those attacking or chasing him, and those walking alongside him on his journey. I can feel the anxiety, fear and sadness portrayed in each character throughout this amazing journey. The transformation of the sadness Tom feels missing his parents being replaced by the comfort he finds in his new friends is evident as well. The characters mesh together making the story a good one and an easy read. I recommend this story for readers looking to get lost in a fantasy world filled with elves, dwarfs, and werewolves.

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