Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rainbow Eyes Book Review... highly recommended!

Rainbow Eyes:Chakramid Reflections
Author: Mary Jo Shaffer
Publisher: Heart Projects
Published: 2009
ISBN: 9780984263806
Pages: 152

Rainbow Eyes is a work of visionary fiction based on one woman’s journey to a Chakra Energy Awakening. Chakra is defined as a “wheel” or “circle.” The author suggests that, balanced Chakra “creates a free-flowing subtle energy network in your body that promotes physical and mental health, vitality and harmony, as well as spiritual and psychological awareness and energy.” In short, to me, Chakra is being comfortable in one’s space. Jessica, the main character, who is not in a particularly good place in her life spiritually and psychologically, accepts an invitation for an all expense paid trip to an exclusive penthouse. Unsure of her destination, Jessica tossed a few items into a suitcase without giving much thought to the contents. She has no idea what to expect or where the invitation even came from. Upon her arrival to the address on the invitation, Jessica sees a large pyramid that she assumes may be a casino. She becomes upset and confused standing in the empty parking lot but enters the building anyway.

Once she enters the building she rides the elevator looking for someone to give her direction. The elevator doors open to a large white empty room. She is the only person there. Jessica’s frustration increases and is combined with fear as she rapidly pushes buttons to return downstairs. Despite her efforts, the elevator won’t budge thus catapulting Jessica on her Chakra Journey.

Rainbow Eyes is informative and explains each Chakra in detail via Jessica’s journey through the Chakra Pyramid and her new beginning. She journeys through each of the seven Chakra on the pyramid. This book gives the reader insight into their personal journey as well. The journal pages in the back of the book with the definitions of each Chakra outlined in the appendix is an added bonus. This allows the reader to align with Jessica travelling on their own personal journey.

I have read self-help books before and have never truly understood them in the way that I did this one. The fact that the book is interactive in nature promotes a better understanding in the reader as their journey parallels with Jessica’s. I highly recommend this book to anyone stepping out on a personal journey to release or find their Chakra energy. The fact that there is an underlying story—Jessica’s journey—behind the lesson on the Chakra energy awakening disguises the fact that this is a self-help book. Although self-help books are informative and interesting, this author guides the reader to a personal transformation when its least expected. This is a clear reflection of her amazing storytelling ability because the reader sets out reading about Jessica’s journey and before long, gets lost on their own journey. Well done!!

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